👋, I'm Andrew!

I'm an unabashed tech geek living in Hawaii.

Email: andrew.parker@gmail.com
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📯: I’m currently work as a General Partner at Spero Ventures. I started my career in product design and then did VC for 13 years at Spark Capital and Union Square Ventures. I am an alpha-geek always seeking the next new product dopamine hit.

📝: I wrote on the internet semi-regularly for a decade. Here’s some of my greatest hits:

💰: As an investor, I've led or sourced 23 investments, and I keep a public log of my investment thesis at the start of many of them. It’s fun to review these old scratchings and see how different things turn out compared to original intentions.

🏃‍♂️: I’m an avid runner and cyclist. I am training for my fourth marathon (current PR: 3:11:19 at Sacramento) and aspire to someday qualify for the Boston Marathon. You can follow my progress on Strava.

📚: I am a bookworm and maintain a list of all the books I’ve read (along with a 5-star rating). If we are meeting soon, talking about your favorite books you've read recently is a great icebreaker with me.

🔉: I’ve been a guest on a couple podcasts. There should be a long German word for the feeling of deep discomfort of hearing your own voice played back to you.

Written in HTML by hand, no framework, because I <3 nostalgia. Photo credit: Nabeel Hyatt.